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ISA-95 is a world standard that helps in the integration between your business systems and production management (MES) systems.

Many manufacturing companies have made significant investments in flexible manufacturing execution systems and an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. These investments may not yield their full potential until all access to the information and the capabilities of the other. The standard addresses ANSI/ISA95 coordination problem by a sturdy, robust definition of business activities and information to flow between these two domains.

This training teaches the terminology used in the Information Technology (IT) departments, so that production and IT staff can work together effectively on integration projects. This training includes an approach for integrating production systems with other business logistics systems using the models and tasks in the ANSI/ISA95 standard. The training describes in detail the information to be shared between business (ERP) and shop floor systems. Enterprise Control / integration is the integration of business and administrative processes to manage the products and order with the factory responsible for real-time process execution. Business systems focus on optimizing business and operational decisions, while developing systems aimed at the control and optimization of real-time production processes and resources.